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Collected Memories

A home is a place for memories and dreams. With our eyes set on the classic, slightly rustic expression we are all so fond of, we created a wallpaper collection inspired by timeless lifestyles from all over the world. Complemented by elements of modern romance, our Scandinavian heritage is tangible on every print. With elaborate detailing in both pattern and finish, we brought natural beauty back to life through a gentle mix of impressions - from the carefree life at the French countryside to the rugged Icelandic landscapes and the soulful nuances of India. Set against a dim and tactile colour palette that stretches between whitewashed and bourbon coloured to graphite grey and denim blue.

Size: 10,05x0,53m

Item number: 3033

Transport: 10-15 workdays

Offered glue: Metylan Direct

Markings on the wallpaper label: