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You can click the icon of an online, accommodation-design software which enables you to furbish the selected room.
You can set the wallpaper or the furniture of the room.
The operation is easy with the drag and drop method.
Wallpapers selected here can be bought in our web-shop, except for the following:


Hint: Take a sheet of paper and a pencil, please. Put down the wallpaper’s name, number, and the order of quantity. 
You can only watch the wallpapers which are not in the web-shop above. At present, there is no direct purchasing possibility for them in the wallpaper web-shop, but if you click: http://www.tapetacenter.hu/megrendeles.php  you can ask for a bid for a wallpaper and you can buy these in our shops, too.


Click the link and select  ECO wallpaper for the walls of your home:


Click the link and select Borastapeter wallpaper for the walls of your home:


For further information or advice, call +36-30-979-82-34.
Thank you for your interest.