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It all comes out in the wash


How to avoid the most common mistakes:

  • - Having the right tools for the job is half the pleasure. So make sure you have everything you need at home before you get started.
  • - Don’t take shortcuts when preparing for the work – the walls must be even, dry and firm before you start papering.
  • - Apply the paste evenly to prevent air bubbles. You’ll find clear pasting information on the wallpaper label.
  • - Don’t paste too many lengths of wallpaper at once – the paste might dry before you've managed to hang them all.
  • - Don’t rush. Get someone to help you if you can. It’s much more fun and you get the job done twice as quick.
  • - Don’t hang wallpaper over contrasting colours that might show through the new wallpaper. Paint the walls a similar colour first.
  • - Allow the wallpaper to cover the openings for switches and power sockets. Neatly cut away the wallpaper while it is still damp. Screw switch and socket covers back into place.
  • - Change the blade in your wallpaper knife frequently. A sharp blade is very important.
  • - If the wallpaper length is not straight, don’t try pushing and pulling it. Carefully strip the entire length off the wall and re-hang.
  • - Keep the room well ventilated and at normal room temperature so that the wallpaper dries properly.
  • - Save all rolls and pieces of wallpaper that have not been pasted. They’ll come in useful if the wallpaper needs repairing. You should also save the label in case you need to buy extra rolls.