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Terms of shipping


Products ordered are delivered by Hajlék-2000 Ltd. To meet the deadline labeled next to the item,  on paying delivery rates.
The last deadline is 10-20 workdays after the order.

Receiving the product
The product is delivered to you by the address given by you from the shipping company.

Terms of Guarantee:
Demands of guarantee have to be claimed in writing at retalier or its authorised representative considering actual legal conditions of Hungary. Demands are to be sent to the address of Hajlék-2000 Ltd. or e-mail: This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it


Demand of guarantee is to contain
• Detailed information of the product and a short description of  fault 
• Time and place of purchase 
• Always provide the bill when demanding guarantee

Hajlék-2000 Ltd. reserves the right of examining and judging of demands to itself. When a demand is accepted Hajlék-2000 Ltd. refunds the wallpaper or, at request, exchanges it to another item

Exchanging the ordered product
If the product ordered is faulty, or damaged during shipping, its exchanged by Hajlék-2000 Ltd. free of charge, if hanging of the wallpaper is stopped at latest at the 3rd roll after noticing  the fault, and the faultless wallpaper are delivered back to one of our shops, unpacked, unharmed, and full. If you do not want to exchange, the price wallpaper is paid back to you, if the fault is accepted by manufacturer, or the damage happened during shipping. If a mistake is spotted, inform our Customers’ Service, please.
Right to waive purchase
In the case of ordered wallpapers and moldings you have the right to waive purchase within 14 days after delivery. In that case Hajlék-2000 Ltd. refunds the purchase price of wallpaper within maximum 30 days after waiving and/or redelivering the wallpaper, if the wallpaper is delivered back to one of our shops unpacked, unharmed, and full. Our refund does not concern delivery fee and the fee of redelivery is to be paid by you, too. 

Unsuccessful delivery
If the delivery failed due to your fault, costs of redelivery are always charged to you. If the delivery failed due to the delivery company, costs of redelivery are always charged to the deliverer.

Limitation of Guarantee
Hajlék-2000 Ltd is not responsible for possible damages in the following cases:
- Operational failure which prevents you in connecting to the website of the web-shop of Hajlék-2000 Ltd, and passing an order there.
- Any damages because of any hardware or software failures or Internet connection failures.
We do not take responsibility for damages resulting from the Internet connection or database connection (e.g. maintenance). We reserve the right to change campaign and other prices, and to finish campaign without preliminary warnings. We reserve the right (and the possibility) not to supply the User / Customer with articles from the web-shop when the given article is not obtainable at the time of order. Any compensation for it is refused.
We ask you to use protection against online viruses and worms.